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Sai Control System

Address :
 Paras Industrial Estate, Phase III,B-12, 1st                  Floor, T-Block, MIDC, Bhosari,
                 Pune - 411 026,
                 Maharashtra, India.

Tel. : + 91 - 20 - 27110184, 46764093

Mobile No.: Mr. Wele : + 91 98220 24338
                   Mr. Potdar : + 91 93710 19074


Welcome to Sai Control System
Sai Control System was established in 1997 by a team of two technocrats namely Mr. Potdar R.G. Mr Wele S.V. in Pune to provide the expanding need of Process Control Instruments & automation components to the industry. All the partners are highly qualified Electronics Engineers with experience in R & D, marketing & in Industrial Power Electronics etc.

Proximity Switches
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