Belt Loading Monitors

Sai Control System is Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Belt Loading Monitors and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Principal :
To decrease the pollution created by the dusty condition of the conveyor, Water spraying is done on the conveyor through the nozzles. when these nozzle are activated, Water is sprayed over the conveyor to settle down the dust. these nozzle are activated when the belt is in loaded condition. Hence, This belt loading monitor plays an important roll of ensuring the belt is running with the load and water is sprayed when the conveyor is running in loaded condition of the Belt.
Operation :
The extension stand of belt Loading Monitor is mounted in inclined position to the action of the spring. So that Rubber Roller remain upward & the proximity switch remain OFF. When the Belt is started with Load (material), The belt will press the Rubber Roller downward thereby lifting the Mechanical Flag in front of proxirnity switch. Than Proximity switch gives the signal that can be used as a sense of Belt Loading condition. This detection of the Roller is between 5mm to 30 mm
Belt Loading Monitor
Belt Loading Monitors
With 255
BLM 5512 - E55
Cast A1
Grade Protection
Contact Rabing
10AMPS@230valt AC
Supply Voltage
24 Volt AC/110 / 230VAC