Proximity Switches

Sai Control System is Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Proximity Switches and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Sai Control System has been manufacturing the wide range of high quality proximity switches over two decades. These are used in all areas of control & automation such as machine tools, packaging, injection molding, automboile industries, process industries, textile industries, pharmaceutical, forging and other automated systems.

Advantages :

Non Contact Operation
 No Operating Force Require
Bounce free Operation
Corrosion Resistance
High Operating Frequency
Vibration Resistance
IP67 Grade of Protection
High Repeat Accuracy
Suitable for intrinsically safe operation in hazardous area.
Long Life

Operating Temperature
Operating Temperature fo Proximity Switches is 0 to 55° C & Temperature up to 100° C can be manufactured on request.

AC Proximity Switches are protected against transient and surges. DC switches are protected against short circuit and reverse polarity.


Inductive Proximity Switches

Switching Hysteresis
This is the difference between Switch ON and Switch OFF point of the switch. This is adjusted within 5% to 15% of the specified sensing distance.

Output Connections
3 Wire / 4 wire DC

3 Wire DC PNP Output

3 Wire DC PNP Output
3 Wire DC NPN Output

3 Wire DC NPN Output
4 Wire DC PNP Double Output

4 Wire DC PNP Double Output
3 Wire DC NPN Output

3 Wire DC NPN Output
2 Wire No/Nc Output

2 Wire No/Nc Output
3 Wire AC Switch Complementary O/P

3 Wire AC Switch Complementary O/P
Types of Proximity Switches
Type Sensing Principle Features Application
Inductive Damping of Oscillations of Conductive Material Senses only metallic objects Machine Tools Automation Material Handling position Sensing
Capacitive Senses Dielectric Properties of object material Senses Metallic, Non Metallic, Liquid Food, Pharmaceuticals, Plastic
Optical Infra Red Reflection Senses any object with longer sensing distance Foundry, Automobile, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Position Level Sensing
Magnetic Magnetic Reluctance Reed Switch Senses only ferrous magnetic materials Automation Pneumatic Hydraulic Cylinders


The proximity Switches are available in tubular enclosures with Diameter 4 mm to 80 mm and square shapes. The enclosure are made of stainless steel, nickel plated brass tube or engineering plasitcs.

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